You are the owner of a new business establishment?


You are anxieties about resolving bookkeeping?


You are looking for a full-service accounting services to manage the entire accounting system of the company?



For the newly formed enterprise, bookkeeping and the tax declaration is the least worry. The hired an accountant to undertake the work on not a simple task. You have to spend a lot of costs for a staff accountant work is not small informal and not sure they can master all the knowledge and correct tax as prescribed by law or not?



C-Office will help you solve the worries and fret. With accounting services including full-service accounting services, establishment and management service bookkeeping, auditing services and the monthly tax settlement …

• We will help you to manage all the work related to the accounting of the procedures with the tax authorities, labor insurance to the inspection and review vouchers and make bookkeeping and settlement of lease provisions of the state..

• Tax accounting services package of C-Office will help you maximize your savings investment costs and Advanced work efficiency significantly. This is the accounting model that many companies / new businesses established choice for utilities and savings it brings.

• To help enterprises fully assured in its business operations, we are a team of highly experienced personnel on behalf of the enterprise will handle and settle all matters relating to accounting, tax a specialist Industry and most reliable.

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