Working with a wide range of businesses, including multi-national, joint venture companies and joint-stock companies, large Vietnamese corporations….. with more than 4 years of experience in Vietnam labour market, C-office provide clients with:

Executive Search – Executive search services for local and international organizations, provided by our experienced consultants with specialist knowledge of either your industry or your profession.

Human Resource Advisory Service – Consultancy to enhance the effectiveness of your HR policies and practices and assist you with change management. We can help you with Organization Restructuring, Salary Structure Reviews, Performance Management, Competency Frameworks, Assessment Centres, Succession Planning, as well as a number of other human capital challenges and initiatives.

Payroll and Human Resource Outsourcing – Through our comprehensive payroll and outsourcing support to clients, we manage the payroll operation effectively (including Personal Income Tax, Compulsory Insurance and other statutory requirements), sort out issues of headcount limitation and provide contractors for Projects and Events or replacements for staff on maternity leave.

Human Resource Training and Development – We offer training and development workshops focused on Human Resource management issues, tailor-made for C-office and non-HR professionals and facilitated by C-office’s experienced consultants.


Supply HR

Service providing our personnel give customers greater number of personnel in a certain time period at the request of business

operations of customers. We are responsible for recruiting qualified customers proposed, train them, to conduct payroll and payroll as

well as governance issues arising in relation to the leasing staff, help clients focus on their business objectives.

With HR system across the country you will be C office service providers with:

– Candidate as expected

– Rapid recruitment rate

– Information security

– Reliable partner

sang tao

Provide Expert

In Vietnam, the C-Office brings Vietnam a market scale network of experts Vietnam and international high caliber have passed a rigorous selection process.

The experts in the country to support business growth, and deploy an appropriate business model, proven successful in similar markets in the world for businesses in Vietnam .

Pride of the C-office is the professional contribution of domestic and foreign experts, though coming from different cultures, but have created a united team, interweave, dedication and commitment to building building a strong business and sustainability.

Our team of experts is a rich combination of different competence, passion, and strength, view which are bound together by one goal to add value to clients. We believe that C office is an ideal environment to nurture the ideas of ​​innovative solutions.

They experienced professionals with in deep industry knowledge, capacity and sharp mind with sensitivity, proficient in project management. They are constantly trained and improve their knowledge to “conquer” the heart and mind of clients.


Provide professional security staff

We offer professional security staff ensure the security 24/24 with the motto:

1. Shall be the first choice of our business partnership and our clients through our”Value Added”.

2. Constantly improve management’s policies to attract, maintaining and developing HR Human resource development through diversifying the training programmers. To always create the values and satisfaction our clients and associates deserve. Business development through the trust & recommendations of our clients..

3. To respect and adhesion to all Rules and regulations. Base on the Youth to create new ideas, constantly improve of management system and working procedures then apply in the most efficient timing.

4. To express the democracy, clear and open mind in operation and management To be modest and polite in all situation Stay in “one roof” to strengthen the team work.

Our customers include a lot of objects with specific business, various activities such as Viettel Supermarkets nationwide project Metro subway system Eximbank bank branches, supermarkets Citimart….