Provide software copyright

ung dung van phong

Currently the exchange of information (email, chat, voice chat, call …) or shared on the network (facebook, twister, Zalo …) very popular with the pace of development is increasingly rapidly.

Besides these benefits, the internet provides internet users also face the problem of security and confidentiality. The virus was spread, steal passwords, personal information or trojan and more and more sophisticated attacks as well.

The main cause of the mentioned above is due to the use of not copyright software. For your business, it is attacked, hacking no small consequences because they incurred financial losses, interruptions in work and affected the reputation painstakingly built Construction of customer satisfaction.

harmful counterfeit software How?

Many research shows businesses using pirated software will have a 73% risk of losing important data, 55% will not be able to recover all data when the host system is corrupt and more likely to be extremely high virus infection etc … C-office will help you solve these problems. With so many products and more than 10 software solutions, systems, leading IT with hundreds of different brands from the credit provider leading pros as ESET Antivirus, Microsof, Autodesk, Corel, Adobe, SAP , Solidworks, ZWCAD, V-Ray, VPOP3 Mail Server, Graphisoft, SolidWorks. Skilled IT staff, supporting the maximum IT requirement for you as fix the errors in software, computer installation, check the system ….


With the C-office business you will enjoy the maximum benefit from using copyright software we like:

● A reasonable investment..

● The Trust in proven technology.

● Is protected against viruses, malicious … from the manufacturer.

● Is updated regularly and continuously.

● Create a difference for the personal computer.

● Create lasting value for your business.


Office Equipment Smart


● You need to manage cost savings for businesses

● You need to manage work time of company staff easily and quickly.

The smart office solutions will help you that.

C-office provides modern office equipment, the most advanced today as camera, timekeeper … Help effectively in managing working time, greatly reducing the huge workload previous record as before, as well as significantly reduce time, improve work efficiency of staff, give employees a sense of work, especially construction work professional image for your business.