C.Office is providing utility service offices to support the development of enterprises.

VIET NAM CONVENIENCE OFFICE JOINT STOCK CORPORATION is a company operating in the field of Business Support, we bring the benefits and full value to all those who cherished great business idea or business companies operating in all sectors in all fields. With the goal of our utilities bring success to your business. C.Office specializes in providing a full range of office services in a professional and modern suitable for all business activities of enterprises.

Come to the C.Office your office will be equipped with IP phones, high speed internet, fax machine, copiers, conference room with standard video conferencing systems and LED screen high definition slideshow.

● You need to find and set offices in centra Ho Chi Minh city

● You need consultancy unit to establish businesses?

● You Need to expand markets and seek investment for business development.

● You need a expert team experienced, qualified analytical acumen, besides the dynamic staff, responsible

for the job.

● You need Online Marketing for branding and sales development.

● You need the software, intelligent office equipment increasing work productivity, saving time and costs.

● You need good employees to undertake contact with customers, answer phones professionally?

● You need Interpreters in the business trip or meetings?

Whatever you want will be fully serviced and ready in C.Office!!!

You want to set up a professional office with optimum cost?

C.Office is the perfect choice for you. The gadgets that we bring will help the road to your success easier than ever.

With the motto “Cooperation for Success”, and orientation “Continuous improvement” C.Office has and will always strive to both human and material resources, build brand reputation, faith customers with the products and services we provide. 

Confidence and support of our customers is tremendous source of encouragement on the way of development of the C.Office.

We will constantly improve, the best customer service to always worthy of that belief. “