Virtual Office

You need a modern office, fully equipped to cater to the business: telephone, fax machine, photocopier, internet connection, web pages, e-mail address, meeting rooms equipped with projectors, video conferencing (video / audio conference) …… are located in downtown, convenient for dealing with partners. 

You need to have good employees, contact with customers or answering the phone in a professional manner. And the most important thing is to save your cost. With C office requirements, fret over your will we solve an optimal way.

Come to our office C gives you: Address for registration and trading business in downtown area A telephone lines with voicemail and a fax number 24 / 24h facilitate all transactions.


Business address

Win over potential customers with your business mailing address.

We give you lots of choices from the city center to your customers’ doorsteps.

cho thue van phong

Conveniently  located

Your company will be located in luxury buildings in the city center (express office transactions, representative office, branch and on advertising publications, mass media)


Professional Table Name

Table name of the company you will be adorned front office rent floor. Customers to contact your company will be the Reception office, good English, communicate professionally welcome, guide service.


Telephone answering and mail handling

We’re sure your customers will be pleased to see a local number they can contact you on.


Receive calls with affordable cost


Diversity phone number


Multilingual receptionists


Calls answered in your company name


Let our center

charge for your letters

You use the address at C-Office to the transaction, the reception on behalf of you will receive letters / parcels, carefully organize the preservation and notify you immediately (by phone, SMS, e-mail). For urgent letters that you can not pick, C-Office will send the right content to the e-mail messages (for all of your transactions without interruption).

You may not always need an office, but with our mail-forwarding and handling service you can still have a prestigious address.

Have your mail dealt with at a C Office center of your choice. You will project an impressive presence, without the cost of a permanent office.